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Lately I have been really fascinated by film photography. A couple weeks ago, a friend from Sweden took some candid film shots of me just around the city of Vienna. Some of them, as you can see, I have posted here. So with my next pay check Im going to buy a second hand Canon AE film camera and get experimenting! If anyone can recommend another good film camera for a beginner, please send me a message! 

Fall Guide

This Fall, certain trends and pieces have been occupying my style. 

My most recent must haves: leather backpack, wool wide brim hat, parachute pants, high waisted striped pants and crop tops.

7 weeks in Bali

This summer I returned back home to Bali, where I was born and raised to spend time with family, friends and of course explore the island.

I often get asked for tips on Bali regarding day trips, restaurants, beaches, surfing, snorkelling and everything in between. I will be creating a page on my tumblr with a list of my personal favourite spots on the island. I will let you all know as soon it is posted :)

If there are any special requests or ask, feel free to send me a message. I always love reading your mails!

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